Pastel Profile Portraits
Original Hand Rendered
by Donna​

Only $206.50

+ shipping.
These are head & shoulders, hand-rendered in full-color pastels, approximately 11″ x 14″, side view.

What a wonderful way to capture a realistic likeness of your child or even an adult!
You can see and appreciate the eye and hair color and their cute outfit.
This is truly a one-of-a-kind, affordable custom portrait that will be treasured for years to come!


Simply take a photo of your child and upload or mail to Donna! She will email the proof for your approval and ship portrait directly to you!
How easy! Pay online!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Donna also does these full-color portraits in person! The model sits on a stool while watching the DVD player. She has done hundreds of these throughout her portrait career!


You can earn free portraits by having a home portrait party! You invite your friends over, and Donna comes to your home and does portraits in person every 30 min. for the day. For every 4 paying friends, you earn 1 free portrait! (Min 8 paying friends, locations limited). Contact Donna now for more information and to schedule a booking for in-person portraits

“Oh, I am so in love!!! This is perfect!!!! I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate this wonderful keepsake!” – R. Bridges


Create interest and excitement while putting your 
business heads above the competition!

Donna will come to your business and do in-person portraits! She will send you the business materials you need to promote, along with a full-sized, framed sample. You make the appointments, and she will come for the day. Appointments are every 30 min, and she can do up to 16 profiles in one day! You receive a commission on each portrait.

This is an excellent way to bring customers in who have not yet frequented your business, and parents can shop while their children are being done as they’re having fun watching the DVD player she brings.

They’ll so love their portraits and appreciate you for having this special event! You can even schedule this to coincide with a huge sale, anniversary, or any other happenings at your business.

I’ve always felt so fortunate to offer Donna McMahon’s special artistic talent to my customers at Southern Belles. Not only is it a wonderful service for them, but it also generates traffic and an opportunity to showcase my shop.” -Susie Molony, Southern Belles, Mt. Pleasant SC
“You have such a talent and I was so impressed at how the canvas came alive with the exact replica of the children…every time! You are amazing! And we felt very fortunate to have you come to our store..” -Diane Bailey, Founder and Owner, Bailey Boys, St. Simons Island, GA.

Contact Donna now for more information and to
schedule a booking for in-person portraits CLICK HERE


1. Are you sure these aren’t just computer-generated from the photo?
No, these are original, and completely hand done by Donna.

2. What if I don’t like it?

Upon completion of the portrait, Donna will email or show you a proof. Now you will let her know if everything is correct, or if any touch-ups need to be made. Upon completion of any tweaks, she will again ask for your approval before sending.

3. Isn’t there some kind of guarantee?

Yes, when you receive your portrait, if you are not 100% happy with it, return to Donna within 30 days and a full refund will be issued-no questions asked!

4. What’s the difference in these and silhouettes?

Silhouettes are all black and much smaller. These are still the side view, but full-color and framable for an 11 x 14 opening.

5. Does it matter which way they’re facing?

No, as long as it’s an exact side view. You can have each child facing a different direction.

6. What ages do you do?

All ages, from babies to adults.

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